Kingdom Man By Tony Evans

Every Man’s
Destiny, Every
Woman’s Dream

Men, it’s time to raise the standard and remind ourselves of manhood as God intended it to be. Join me and other men around the world on a journey of rediscovering what it means to be a Kingdom Man.

“We all long to fulfill our destiny, some of us spend a lifetime trying to identify what our destiny is and what you must do to achieve it. There was a time when I thought my only destiny was to win a Superbowl, after reading Kingdom Man, I was reminded God has more in store for all of us & greatness is awaiting if we follow God's plan. Kingdom Man will allow you to focus on what you are destined for and how to achieve your destiny.”
Leslie Frazier
Every woman wants a Kingdom Man.   Maybe she can't find the words to describe what she's longing for but she knows him when she sees him - the unmistakable sense of purpose, the reputation marked by integrity, the willingness to be a strong leader and tender caregiver at the same time - this is what she desires. And this is the reason why every woman should read this book - to be able to spot a man worth committing to while steering clear of his counterfeit peers. The man of every woman's dream is the man found in these pages.
Priscilla Shirer
Bible Teacher and Author
If you want to experience all that God has destined for you, Kingdom Man is a must-read. In it, Dr. Tony Evans gives helpful and relevant tools that you can use to bring you to a place of influence and impact. Just because a man is good doesn't mean he is great. This book will help you go from good to great!
Tony Romo
Quarterback - Dallas Cowboys.
For the last 2-1/2 years I have been blessed by God to be able to sit under the authority of Dr. Evans as my pastor and more intimately as my discipler. This book is a must-read for any man who is tired of living beneath his purpose and wants to pursue the true greatness that God has uniquely set apart for him.
Jon Kitna
Quarterback - Dallas Cowboys.
I'm a big game plan guy and Tony has the ability to lay out a game plan for those of us who want to be Kingdom Men. As we have gotten to know each other over the years, it's clear that he has a heart for the Lord and a gift for communicating God's principles.
Coach Joe Gibbs
"Kingdom Man is a playbook for life. Tony Evans has laid out the game plan to follow if we, as men, want to live a championship life. He not only describes what we need to do, but more importantly, HOW to do it. This book is a must-read for any man who wants to live up to God's design for male leadership of the family!"
Tony Dungy

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